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What's A.T.Edit

A.T.Edit is a text editor worked on X Window System and Microsoft Windows. It is developed by Tcl/Tk and distributed under the GNU General Public License Version 2.


Screen shot(1)(JPEG,86KB)

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Note: BWidget is NOT a part of A.T.Edit and is NOT distributed under the GPL. I re-distribute BWidget with A.T.Edit under the license of BWidget itself.
See also BWidget's home page.


  1. Common operation on both X Window system and Microsoft Windows

  2. Works as a front-end of IBM Japanese-English translation software.

    You can invoke external programs and commands for your translation.
  3. Easy install

    You can install A.T.Edit easily by the Tcl/Tk based GUI installer.


A.T.Edit requires Tcl/Tk 8.3 or later (8.4 or later is recommended). If you use Linux, Tcl/Tk 8.3 may be already installed. If you use Windows, you may need to download the latest Tcl/Tk from http://www.scriptics.com/ and install it.

Tcl/Tk 8.4 or later is required to use "Undo" feature of A.T.Edit.

After confirmation that Tcl/Tk is installed on your system, unzip atedit-x.y.zip. A direcotry 'atedit-x.y' will be created, then excute atedit-x.y/setup/(en|ja|it)/setup.tcl.


Double click setup.tcl, and the installer will start.


As user 'root', input as follows on your shell.
# wish ./setup.tcl
If you use Microsoft Windows, all A.T.Edit users must have read/write permission to the directory which configuration files will be put in.
If unix, configuration files will be put in $HOME/.atedit.


A.T.Edit is developed under the following environments.

I will add others if reported A.T.Edit well working.

Starting A.T.Edit


Exexute the file 'atedit.bat'(It is in the directory which A.T.Edit is installed). Or make a short-cut to 'atedit.bat' and double click it.


Input as follows on your shell:

$ {PATH to installed directory}/atedit

If you set the PATH to the directory which A.T.Edit is installed, you can start A.T.Edit only input:

$ atedit

The format is:
atedit [options] [file file ..]
# You can omit arguments braced with [].
# A.T.Edit will be started as same number as specified files.

Options are:

  1. -lang (en|ja|it)      ex) -lang en
    Set the language of messages. You can only specify 'en'(English), 'ja'(Japanese) or 'it'(Italian).

  2. -width chars      ex) -width 100
    Set the columns. Default width is 80 chars.

  3. -height rows      ex) -height 30
    Set the rows. Default height is 25 rows.

  4. -tab tab width      ex) -tab 2
    Set the tab width. Default tab width is 4 chars.

  5. -king
    Turn on the translataion feature. This option is valid on only Unix.

  6. -noking
    Turn off the translataion feature. This option is valid on only Unix.


A.T.Edit has features as same as ordinally text editor, and does not have peculiar operations.

See also README.

Known BUGs

No bugs are reported.


Luca Francesconi <luca.francesconi@freesim.it>

- Translated to Italian language and added Insert menu.


Suggestions and bug reports are large welcomes.

Shinji Morino <peace24_at_blue_dot_email_dot_ne_dot_jp>


Cool sites for using Tcl/Tk.

  1. Tcl Developer Xchange

    This is the primary information site for Tcl users of all levels.

  2. BWidget's home page

    Excellent Tk extension.

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